7 Effective Tips for Holidays to Bali for Beginners

7 Effective Tips for Holidays to Bali for Beginners

towtrai.com – Bali is one of the Indonesian provinces which is famous for its natural beauty. Even though it looks modern and exotic, you can still find a strong culture, such as traditional houses, traditions and ceremonies carried out by the residents. It is not surprising that this Island of the Gods is always on the list of dream tourist destinations, both for local and foreign tourists. Are you one of those who wants to go on holiday to Bali for the first time?

List of preparations for a holiday to Bali for beginners

So, to make your holiday in Bali more enjoyable, take a look at some of the tips that we have summarized from various sources below slot777.

1. Prepare a Travel Plan

Before going to Bali, make a planning list, starting from what to go on, how long the holiday will take, the tourist attractions you want to visit, to accommodation for staying in Bali. As a start, you can collect information from the Bali Provincial Tourism Office page. That way, you can get references about tourist destinations that you can visit.

2. Pack the clothes and items you need most

If you have made holiday plans, the next step is to prepare your luggage while you are in Bali. According to The Trusted Traveler, it’s a good idea to bring clothes made from natural fibers to keep you cool. Moreover, Bali is famous for its exotic beach tourism. If you plan to climb a mountain, also prepare a jacket and good shoes. Then, always bring a mask and hand sanitizer. Apart from preventing the transmission of Covid-19, this medical equipment is needed to maintain cleanliness. So, so that your suitcase can fit a lot of contents, you can use a vacuum bag, as recommended below.

3. Choose the Right Holiday

Choosing the day and time for your holiday to Bali must be right. The best time to visit Bali is May to October. Because it rarely rains and the sun’s light is not too hot. So, you can enjoy the beauty of Bali’s beaches!

4. Book tickets and hotels in advance

As the holidays approach, plane ticket prices can soar. To avoid this, order tickets and book hotels in advance online. If you are lucky enough, you can get promos for booking plane tickets and hotels, you know!

5. Rent a Vehicle

If you don’t have a private vehicle, you can try renting a vehicle. Quoted from The Trusted Traveler, there are many vehicle rental services in Bali that offer cheap prices. Just make sure that the vehicle has insurance and is in good condition. To make it safer and more comfortable, you can also hire a local driver to take you around Bali. However, if you are just going on a short trip, a taxi or online transportation could be a good option.

6. Enjoy typical Balinese dishes

Apart from having many interesting tourist attractions to visit, typical Balinese food is also not to be missed. Of course, a holiday to Bali won’t be complete if you haven’t tried satay lilit, chicken taliwang, nasi jinggo, and even duck betutu.

7. Follow local customs

Have you ever heard the proverb “where the earth is stepped on, there the sky is upheld”? So, you can apply this principle when on holiday to Bali. Apart from its natural beauty and charm, Bali is famous as a place with high spirituality. When visiting a holy temple, wear modest and closed clothing. Then, remain polite and respect local culture.


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